Folkways in Wonderland (FiW) is (cyber [world) music], an immersive, collaborative virtual reality environment facilitating a new way to browse music of the world. FiW users are represented by avatars inhabiting a giant cylindrical map, in which a selection of geotagged Smithsonian Folkways track segments are embedded as virtual speakers generating spatial sound. Users can navigate freely, listen to tracks together, browse metadata, communicate with one another via text or voice chat, or enjoy preprogrammed tours.

FiW is built with Open Wonderland, a 100% Java open source toolkit for creating collaborative 3D virtual worlds. To run FiW you must install Java on your computer.

Click here to access the FiW page, then click the "Launch" button to download the file Wonderland.jnlp. Double-click this file to start the FiW cyberworld. Alternatively, use the abbreviated URL:

Articles and academic papers:

FiW is a collaboration between Professor Michael Cohen and doctoral student Rasika Ranaweera at the University of Aizu, Professor Michael Frishkopf and folkwaysAlive! at the University of Alberta, and Smithsonian Folkways at the Smithsonian Institution.