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kinka: traditional songs from avenorpedo is an audio recording produced in Ghana in 2007, initially released as a cassette tape for the Ghanaian market (2007), and now available as a richly annotated CD for the North American market (2010). Both feature the same recordings of traditional Ewe music from Ghana's Volta Region, especially Kinka songs of the celebrated Ewe composer Kwasi Norvor Afornorfe. The first cassette printing (1000 copies) sold out and a new one is in progress. The CD version also includes a 40 page booklet, containing ethnographic background, a map, interviews, photographs, song lyrics and translations.

The project--a collaboration between the University of Alberta and musicians in Ghana's Volta Region-- aims to empower local performance culture-bearers, and to sustain local performance culture, together with its accompanying richly-woven socio-musical community, as well as to raise global awareness of these humanistic traditions, in the face of globalization and the gradual conversion of live Ghanaian music to a mediated production/consumption model with significant influence from abroad. The mediation of traditional performance genres, by contrast, does not displace its live socio-musical manifestations.

CDs are $15 each plus postage - all income goes to benefit Ghanaian music and musicians. A 20% discount is available for ordering more than one at a time. Larger discounts may be available for bulk orders for educational use.

This site,, is in progress - eventually it will document the Ewe Kinka Drum, supplementing the CD with audio, video, images, notations, lyrics, and more.

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This project was completed thanks to generous grants from the Presidents Fund (Department of Music) and the SAS Fund in the Faculty of Arts, University of Alberta.